Day 1 – Lunch at Takola Restaurant

11:50 a.m. I am ready for my first culinary experience in Southern Thailand!

Takola restaurant (which is actually the name of the ancient port) is a chic southern Thai restaurant on the rise, a bit outside of Krabi city -on the Utarakit road going to Koh Lanta and Trang, nearby the Maritime Park & Resort. The restaurant is quite big, and has both outdoor and air-conditioned areas.

The decoration of the Takola restaurant is a fusion of traditional and trendy, giving it a special atmosphere, quite chic and urban for a little town like Krabi. The nearby river fills the place with a soothing background sound of running water, also the surrounding gardens add an extra zenitude to the place.

Tacola has a small-but-nice wine list, but as I have a busy day ahead, I stick to water. I order a selection of their specialties, including a very tasty pepper crab Hokkien style,  green curry served with rice vermicelli, chicken with cash nuts, fried fish with lemon sauce, some sort of crab cake with black seaweed, a nice omelette, and of course steamed rice. I am glad some friends of mine joined for lunch!

The service is very neat and discreet.

Here are a few photos of the delicious dishes that were survey for lunch:


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