Day 4 – Lunch at Phu Nga Baan Khanom

11:44 a.m. After being entertained by the monkeys, we decide to stop for lunch, on the way to the Tsunami museum, at a totally random place. We notice some very stiff hills on our right hand side, all covered with vegetation. On the opposite side are quite a few houses with some parking space. We tell the minivan to stop there and we go to see what surprises this location is hiding from us.

view from the restaurant

good luck Phunga Baan KhanomOne place particularly catches our attention, and here we go for another culinary experience of the southern style Thai cuisine! Phu Nga Baan Khanom literally means: the bakery of PhuNga. It looks quite casual, and definitely not like a bakery; it is a nice little restaurant, not the kind you will find in travel guides, but more of very local place, in the tradition of the southern Thai lifestyle. As often here, we see a mix of Chinese culture as well. Right in front of the restaurant is a steamer used to cook the dim-sum.

dim sum Phu Nga Baan Khanom

On the left hand side a set of large pans holding the dishes of the day are displayed. But we head inside and take a close look at the menu. Southern cuisine is supposed to be more spicy than the rest of Thailand, but I do find it less spicy than Issan dishes. Is it that they tone down the chill when they see my white face? I hope not, because I do enjoy very spicy food!

I must say that as soon as we stepped in, we are treated like kings; they do know how to treat their guests! The service has been impeccable throughout our lunch.

As you can see, the restaurant  is a simple traditional setup, as it is quite common in the region. The food is homemade style, and it tastes simply delicious.

Phu Nga BaanKhanom

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We take the food very seriously. Everyone is fully concentrated on his own plate…

we are serious about food!

It’s amazing how simple food and a few vegetables on a plate can look so delicious! Enjoy with your eyes what we enjoyed with our palate!


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