Day 4 – Checking-in at Kantary Bay Resort

reception desk Kantary Bay ResortI reach Kantary Bay Resort after taking a small path off the main road, in the middle of the fields. After a small drive, the minivan reaches the end of the road and a large parking area in front of brand new buildings.  I enter the tall and airy lobby and soon I am offered fresh coconut juice and refreshing towels, while the staff at the reception is checking me in the small villa I booked. The resort offers both rooms and small villas.

eco friendly car at Kantary Bay Resort

While waiting, I can appreciate the fact that they have free Wifi in the public areas. After quickly checking my emails, I am handed my key-card, and the cart of the hotel takes me to my accommodation. The villas are spread between the reception area and the beach, on a rather extended piece of land. On the way we pass a mini-mart (please note that the closing time is 8 p.m. though). The whole place is quiet and peaceful.

The cart drops me at the villa; a cozy little place indeed! The accommodation is fully equipped and even has kitchen facilities (microwave, toaster, fridge, chinaware and cutlery…), big bed with very comfortable mattress, small private deck, and my favorite: an outdoor shower! I decide to experiment with it without waiting.

bedding at Kantary Bay Resort

After freshening up,  I decide to take a small tour of the resort and see what it has to offer. It’s hot and sunny today, although it is supposed to be the rainy season. But even when it rains here, it’s actually quite nice, the rain being more of a warm shower.

ocean garden at Kantary Bay Resort

Pass the villas are a large garden, the ocean pool area, and an open air restaurant: the Cafe Andaman. I will try it for dinner tonight, but for now I have other plans. The water of the pool is so perfectly smooth that I don’t even dare to dip myself in it, not willing to break the mirror reflection.

Ocean pool at Kantary Bay Resort

I continue towards the beach. You can’t really see the beach from the garden, as it is at a lower level. But once you get near, its beauty fills your eyes. It reminds me somehow the beaches of the Tuamotu Islands. The sand feels smooth and warn under my feet, caressing like a light gold piece of silk. A few people are scattered here and there, but it feels like the place is almost deserted.

Beach at Kantary Bay

 The Andaman Sea is calling me to join her in a warm embrace, her song luring me into the clear water where I more than willingly dip and lose track of time. The world ceases to exist and I find myself perfectly in unison with mother Nature, forgetting the whole world for a while.

Andaman Sea at Kantary Bay

I slowly come back on more earthly grounds as the sun starts to go down, and the Andaman Sea reluctantly releases me to the shore.

sunset on the Andaman Sea

The Andaman Sea now seems to direct her charms towards the sun, and as I did just a bit earlier, he succumbs to her attractiveness, and in its turn, willingly dips into her waters. It seems that no one can resist the power of seduction of the Andaman Sea…

sun going down on the Andaman Sea

It is already dark when I get back to the villa. I take my time to get ready for dinner, and then head back towards the garden ocean and the open air restaurant. Let’s give it a try!

The restaurant is quite nice and comfortable. We can’t help feeding a few mosquitoes as well as it is an open air restaurant, but the staff provides repellent on request. The service is rather average; the staff obviously lacks of training. I must say that I was a bit disappointed by the food too. Not that it’s bad, but it tastes rather plain, and this is definitely not the best restaurant I have tried on this trip.

dinner menu at Kantary Bay

Here are a few pictures of the dishes I was able to sample:

After dinner, I go upstairs, to the rooftop bar, right above the restaurant. The terrace has a nice feel, but again service has a lot of room for improvement.

bar of Kantary Bay resort

Time to go to bed! Tomorrow is a busy day with many new things to discover!

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