Day 3 – More Island Hopping

After a nice break on Railay beach, it’s time to go back on the boat and discover more of the wonders of the Andaman Sea!

This beautiful strand of sand on Koh Tup is linking two islets together at low tide, and disappears at high tide, when it is recovered by the Andaman Sea. A part-time beach!

Beautiful beach

Looking for a view point up the heights of Koh Tup. Not the cleanest island I have seen though…

looking for a viewpoint on Koh Pu

Here is Koh Poda, also known as “Chicken Island”, due to the very specific shape of that rock that looks like the neck and head of a chicken. Limestone rocks seem to be melting in all sorts of different shapes.

chicken island

Another beautiful island in the area: awesome beach…

beautiful beach on the Andaman Sea

…and the water is crystal clear and full of fish.

fishes in crystal clear waters of the Andaman Sea

See how the water is eroding the rocks, creating unlikely shapes and design?

design of nature in the andaman sea

Beautiful is a word that keeps coming up again and again when talking about the Andaman Sea.

beautiful Andaman sea

A longtail is taking a rest over the clear waters.

longtail resting on the clear waters

But even the best things come to an end, and it’s time to get back to the shore.

back to the shore

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