Day 2 – Dinner at Lae Lay Grill

03:30 p.m. I arrive back from Trang, and make my way to the hotel so that I can freshen up and change. The experience in the Le Khaokob caves was fabulous and I am still excited about it.

lae Lay grill Ao Nang

Today I will be having dinner in Ao Nang. I have heard about this restaurant, Lae Lay Grill, which has a magnificent view, so I definitely want to give it a try.

Lae Lay Grill terrace

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05:10 p.m. The day is slowly shifting into evening mode as I ask the minivan to drop me at Lae Lay Grill. There is a long fly of stairs to climb in order to access the restaurant, and I arrive on a roomy terrace, with nice country style wooden tables and chairs, and lots of plants that give a peaceful feeling to the atmosphere of the place.

The view from the terrace is definitely a strong asset of the restaurant. Because I arrived before sunset, I had the leisure to admire the Andaman sea in the background where islets scattered here and there, also a rather large temple, hills and mountains, and lots of greenery. It becomes even more magical as the sun is going down, continuously changing the colors of the sky and clouds. Awesome!

I did appreciate the service there: it was smooth and professional, and we all were very well attended.

As plates started to arrive and be disposed on the table, the mixed aromas of these impeccably presented dishes really made me crave for it. It was a feast for the eyes and the nose, and my palate was getting overly impatient to have its share of experience as well. And it eventually did. Oh my! What a treat my friend! Every single bite was a delight!

dinner at Lae Lay Grill

Copyright 2012 JM Kim – All Rights Reserved


The main attraction came at the end of the meal: the fruit plate was served in a very original way. Not only were the fruits beautifully cut and arranged, but there was also a singing clockwork bird among the fruit!

Lae Lay Grill fruits

Here is the menu that was ordered. You can be sure that every single dish has been thoroughly tasted, and more than once!

Stir-fried soft shell crab with chili & salt
Black pepper sizzled sliced beef fillet served in sizzler plate
Deep-fried Prawns mixed with Tamarind sauce
Wok-fried Blue crab with salted egg yolk
Roasted duck in red curry mixed with coconut milk & fruits
Steamed whole Sea bass with organic lemongrass, fresh lime juice & crushed chili
“Moo Hong Lae Lay” Braised Pork with black mushroom & Chinese herbs
หมูฮ้อง แล เล
Stir-fried Vegetable
Tom Yam Goong/Tom Kha Gai
Jasmine steamed rice
Fresh Fruits in season

Here are pictures of some of the dishes; they look great but they taste even better!

I wouldn’t mind to go back to that restaurant as there are still quite a few dishes that I haven’t tried yet!

But the night is still young, and I now have plenty of time to visit Ao Nang.

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